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Major Shareholders and Directors’ Interests

Shares in issue: 130,383,361 ordinary shares of 1p each

Major Shareholder Information
% Holding
Ruffer LLP 18%
Miton Group Plc 9.99%
Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management 9.35%
Polar Capital LLP 4.89%
Investec Wealth & Investment 5.25%
FIL Limited 5.37%
Lonfin Investments Limited 4.60%
Gresham House Asset Management Limited 3.90%
Downing LLP 3.00%
Director's Interests in Shares
Amount % Holding
John Duffy* 2,443,679 1.87%
Stephen Boyd** 1,095,543 0.84%
Peter Baker 96,817 0.1%
Marnie Millard 9,366 0.007%
Bob Beveridge 14,000 0.01%


*2,432,898 shares are owned by Mr Duffy’s wife.
**All these shares are owned by Mr Boyd’s wife.

This information was last updated on 8 January 2020.

As at 7 January 2020, the percentage of shares not in public hands was 23.47%.

Share Price
The Group

The Group encompasses a range of brands and bakery companies across the UK and Europe.

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