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The Sunday Telegraph Interview with John Duffy

There’s nothing remarkable about the cluster of warehouses in the Glasgow suburb of Hamilton. Dull and nondescript, they’re hardly unique. But, move closer to these metal hangars and your nostrils are suddenly filled with the warm, sweet smell of freshly baked sponge cake. This is no ordinary factory, it’s one of eight speciality bakeries owned by Finsbury Food.

Inside the buildings, dozens of employees working alongside high-tech robots are busy making all manner of sweet delights.

In one corner, workers sit at tables, carefully concocting decorations out of sugar paste, from miniature supermen, princesses and Peppa pigs to stars and hearts.

“This is hugely skilled work with an advanced range of detail,” explains John Duffy, chief executive of Finsbury. “We make all sorts of wonderful things. Truly every eye and ear is stuck on by a person.”

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