We remain committed to minimising our impact on the environment at a local, national and global level by managing our operations in a sustainable way. We’ve continued to evolve our approach to environmental management by developing systems in line with ISO14001. We now audit our bakeries to this standard, making further improvements across them all.

We continue to set targets to manage and reduce the energy we use at our bakeries, and to reduce the carbon produced from our processes. To support this approach, we’ve implemented an online system of monitoring and targeting at all our bakeries. This gives us real-time views of our energy use, helping us identify areas where we can improve. We also use our Group standard problem-solving approach to create teams focused on reducing energy use at each of our sites.

We also work with a waste-management company to help us reduce what we send to landfill. They help us review all waste streams at our bakeries, so we can see where it’s possible to reduce waste, and can follow a hierarchy of control, ultimately looking to re-use materials where appropriate. We also work with WRAP to support our waste-reduction projects.

Alongside the online systems and our waste partner, we’ve started to develop internal key performance indicators for environmental matters. We review and monitor these at various levels of the business to ensure we can keep improving our performance. We also continue to be part of the government’s ESOS scheme, and are using it to further reduce our energy use. In water conservation, we aim to reduce the amount of water we use, and to minimise our impact on water and effluent discharges.

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