Sustainable sourcing

We have been a member of the Round Table For Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) since 2014, and we recognise that palm oil should be grown and certified to the RSPO principles relating to environmental, economic and social good practice. In 2020, we launched our own initiative to ensure all the palm oil we buy is fully segregated as certified palm oil, rather than mixed with uncertified (known as mass balance). We’ve succeeded in this with 99% of our palm oil. Check our progress at

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Working with our cocoa-sourcing partners and external customers, we’ve joined relevant sustainability programmes, including Fairtrade, Cocoa Horizons and UTZ / Rainforest Alliance.

Responsible sourcing is an integral part of our procurement and supply chain, and we have strong long-term relationships with our suppliers to support this. We aim to ensure they all work to high environmental, social and ethical standards.

In packaging, we are continually working to reduce the amount we use, and to make it completely recyclable. All our paper and card packaging is PEFC and FSC-certified.

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