It’s #pride month

Being part of the Finsbury Food Group, ‘respect’ is one of our main company values. So, throughout our celebrations this month we also want to take the opportunity to reinforce our commitment to creating a supportive working environment, where everyone feels able to be their own authentic self, regardless of sexual orientation or gender and aid in developing a strong sense of inclusion. It’s important to us at Finsbury that all of our people feel safe and accepted at work, that they don’t have to hide parts of their identity and fit into a mould to work here. This month we will be sharing stories throughout our internal platforms to give us all the opportunity to learn more about important issues experienced by our colleagues in the LGBTQI+ community, to help aid in learning about community contributions, reflecting on progress as well as learning what is still left to do. We want to take the opportunity to highlight that we value and support our LGBTQI+ employees, suppliers and customers!